Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Carter's First Real Haircut

 Carter got his first haircut at a salon.  He did really good.  Sienna helped keep him entertained.
 Unfortunately the lady did a bad job and his hair was kind of messed up.  His hair grows fast though and it was fine.  His second haircut in a salon we went to my friend who did a great job but he cried hard the whole time.

Swing Time

 When it was cool outside we enjoyed going to the park a lot.  Our kids love to swing.  Garrett got to go with us this day and Carter got really relaxed.

My Funny Kids

 Carter loves stuffed animals and all he wanted to do at Target was get them all on the floor and sit by them and lay on them.
 Watching tv.
 Eating a giant sucker.
Sienna decked out for preschool.
 Carter had a sandwich in his hand one day in the car and we kept trying to get him to eat it but he's so stubborn and he wouldn't.  So he just held it in his hand and had this pouty look on his face for the longest time.
 When Carter is sleepy in the car Sienna will hold his hand and sing to him.  It's so sweet.
 Shopping with Carter is sooo fun.
Carter's not so good at sharing and decided to just sit on Sienna so he could play.

My Sweet Boy

My sweet boy Carter has a tender heart.  He was watching Mickey Mouse one day and I heard him make some sad noises.  I looked at him and noticed he was tearing up about to cry.  I looked at the show and Goofy was sad because he thought his friends didn't want to play with him.  Carter was getting sad because Goofy was sad.  He loves Goofy.  I started comforting him and he just broke down crying.  I tried to explain that Goofy was ok.  He quickly got over it but it was so sad.  We realized we can't let him watch that certain episode or he'll cry every time.

Disney Princesses on Ice

 In January we went to the Disney Princesses on Ice.  The kids loved it, especially Sienna.  Carter took a little nap during the show.  Of course Sienna got all the popcorn, cotton candy, and snow cone she wanted.  She's our little princess.  We had great seats and it was a fun time.

Poor Carter

 Carter gets croup really bad every winter.  His first winter he had to stay overnight in the hospital.  This year we just made an ER trip and after steroids and a breathing treatment he was able to go home.  We were in the ER for about 5 hrs but he was a pretty good sport.
 He had to play with everything he could get his hands on.  He finally took a short nap.  We were so glad we were able to come home and didn't have to stay the night that night.

Happy New Year!

 For New Years we went and got a pizza and Sienna wanted some fireworks and we saw a tent set up by the pizza place so we went and got some.  We had a fun time doing our fireworks.  The last one we set off was the biggest but we didn't know it was going to be just that big.  It made a really loud noise and shot up high.  It was fun and none of our neighbors seemed to care.